The Nehalem Watershed

The Nehalem Watershed is located in Northwest Oregon. Meandering through portions of Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook and Washington Counties, the Nehalem River is the longest of the Oregon Coast Range costal rivers with a length of 119 miles. The Nehalem River's major tributaries include the North Fork Nehalem River and the Salmonberry River. The Nehalem river and its tributaries form a drainage area of 855 square miles.

Watershed Councils

Watershed councils are locally organized, voluntary, non-regulatory groups established to improve the condition of watersheds in their local area. Watershed councils are required to represent the interests in the basin and be balanced in their makeup. Watershed councils offer local residents the opportunity to independently evaluate watershed conditions and identify opportunities to restore or enhance the conditions. Through the councils, partnerships between residents, local, state and federal agency staff and other groups can be developed. Because of the distance between the population center in the Upper Nehalem (Vernonia) and the Lower Nehalem (Nehalem and Manzanita) two separate Watershed Councils were created to assist in the implementation of the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds.

Upper Nehalem Watershed Council

Fostering better stewardship and understanding of the Upper Nehalem Watershed and its resources; address issues in advance of resource degradation; and ensure sustainable watershed health, function and use.
Upper Nehalem Watershed Council Website

Lower Nehalem Watershed Council

Dedicated to the protection, preservation, and enhancement of the Nehalem watershed through leadership, cooperation and education.
Lower Nehalem Watershed Council Website

Nehalem Conservation Action Plan

To develop the relationships and stewardship strategies necessary to ensure a future for the Nehalem Watershed that includes ecologically connected, functional and productive landscapes, viable economies, and vibrant human communities.
Nehalem CAP Website

Nehalem Maps

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